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Class of the Week 10/1-10/5

Written by Christine Gill

Welcome to week four of your Class of the Week article. This week we are happy to announce that Ms. Janzer’s Third Hour Ceramics 1 class has taken the dub. This class is open to any student that has taken Art Foundations and has an interest in advancing their artistic abilities with clay.

We had the pleasure of speaking with Ms. Janzer about the accomplishment and she stated, “That’s awesome to hear, how did we get nominated for this?”. For those wondering, the Class of the Week award is given out by the authors of this article, also known as Olivia Mlada and Jackson Corcoran. We spend a significant amount of time analyzing each class every week, and eventually decide upon a winner. Anyway, getting back to Ms, Janzer and her class, she believes her class deserves this award because, “they are extremely focused and dedicated to their work.” Ms. Janzer said, “They are currently working on their second major project of the semester, the ‘Texture Explosion’ project, creating their own abstract, organic form by coiling and sculpting textures.” She also talked about how amazing the creativity and positive energy of this class is. This is Ms. Janzer’s first class of the week award, as well as the first class of the week award for the art department. Congratulations to Ceramics I third hour for the award, and keep striving to be honored as the next class of the week. See you next week!


Authors: Jackson Corcoran and Olivia Mlada

Picture by: Jackson Corcoran and Olivia Mlada

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