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Most Stylish Outfit At Homecoming… Guess Who?

Written by Christine Gill

Written By : Jamari Magee & Jace Boswell

This past Saturday September 29th, 2018 was Dominican’s outstanding Homecoming Dance. There were a lot of pictures, get togethers afterwards, and just an overall bonding session of the students and students from other schools that have attended. There were a lot of outfits that were worn that stood out and made others jaws drop. This event showed off the different styles and tastes that are in the community. But, that most eye catching outfit had to be from the 2020 Junior Jamari Magee who brought his very close friend, Christopher Farrington. His Outfit included a black long sleeve dress shirt that was unbuttoned at the top. He also had black ripped jeans with the unique white and gold low top Jordan retro 11’s, but even better, his accessories were very unique and contained a necklace with a cross on it and a black and white checkered strap bag. The unique strap bag was the most eye catching part of his outfit and it also complimented everything else he was wearing. Jamari by far had the most stylish outfit for Homecoming.

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