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Things to Bring to a Haunted House

Written by Christine Gill

Everyone needs a list of items for going on a trip, and whats the difference for going to a haunted house. Here are some things you should bring on your haunted house excursion:

What- a flashlight

Why- great source of light if you decide to wander off into a maze to find your friends who are definitely not behind that skeleton statue about to scare you

What- extra pair of clothes

why- you know why

what-black belt

why- to assert your dominance over all the things you screamed like a baby in front of

what- friends and family

why- because what is better than being roasted by your peers for being scared the whole time

what- a weapon

why- to protect yourself against the actors/monsters who get a bit too touchy in the no contact zone of the attraction

what- a shot of adrenaline

why- because after your heart attack you will still be down for having some more

Photo found at: http://amberbaltics.com/11-stunning-spooky-halloween-music-photo-ideas/spooky-halloween-music-playlist-2017-d%c2%9f%c2%91-instrumental-scary-halloween-2/

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