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Volkswagen is Squishing the Beetle!

Written by Gus Wilson

On September 13th, 2018 Volkswagen of America announced that they are ending the production of this 80-year-old Beetle/Bug or “The car for the people.” The Type 1 (pre-1960’s), Beetle or Bug (post-1960’s) is a rear engine, two-door hatchback designed by Ferdinand Porsche the man behind the Porsche 356 the original Porsche sports car, which was based on the Beetle. The car was asked to be built by the then German Chancellor Adolf Hitler in the late 1930’s as an affordable, economical, and simple car for the German workers. Although it was during WW2 that the production “stopped” so military vehicles can be produced, it was produced in small numbers for military officers, and even Hitler was given the first beetle convertible.

The Type 1 as it was called got its name changed in 1968 to the VW Beetle, and in that very same year, it appeared in the five-film series from Disney where the Beetle by the name of Herbie goes on crazy adventures around the world. The car even has a mind of his own with a huge thirst for racing fuel and first place.

In 1971, the Beetle broke the record for the best-selling car produced at 15+ million in the last four decades previously held by the Ford Model T. In 1998 when my sister was born, my dream car the Nissan Skyline GT-R was tearing up the European tracks, and VW made their first refurbish on the Beetle, which is basically a Golf underneath with a four-pot engine in the front (I was disappointed) also it was considered the symbol of peace in the 1970’s so in 1998 it had a stock little flower vase on the dashboard.

20 years later, and sales have been declining since 2013, so that meant they have to squish that bug next year after producing two models dubbed the Final Edition. Since the heads of VW Group of America said that basically, it could come back at some point, that gives some reassurance to the public since VW has been teasing multiple new models with some origins in older cars.


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