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Why I love the Fall Season

Written by Christine Gill

I am excited that Wisconsin is beginning to transition to fall-like weather! I love Fall for many reasons. First, the drop in temperature lets me finally wear old, and comfortable sweaters that feel like blankets on the body. The temperature of Fall is perfect, because it usually is low fifties to high sixties in degrees, which gives Wisconsinites an opportunity to wear whatever they want, and feel comfortable, since they are used to frigid temperatures in the Winter. Fall is also a time to watch the tree leaves change color, due to the lack of sunlight in the day. Seeing the leaves new colors like bright yellow, dark orange, and maroon red makes me realize how awesome nature can be. I also love the Fall season, because of holidays like Halloween. Halloween gives me an excuse to eat a lot of candy, and watch horror T.V. shows and movies everyday without seeming weird! Overall, Fall is my absolute favorite season, because of the weather, the colors, and expressing my Halloween spirit.


Photos taken by Alex Spencer

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