Billboard Hot 100 Review: Week of October 6, 2018

Written by Christine Gill

Hip-hip/Rap continues to dominate the charts this week, and my song reviews are a pair of hip-hop artists’ collaborations.

6) Sicko Mode by Travis Scott: Featuring Swae Lee, Big Hawk, and especially Drake, Sicko Mode has been the biggest hit on Astroworld and for good reason. The track begins with an eerie organ instrumental and Drake rapping for about 30 seconds, when the beat switches and Scott gives a decent verse that’s followed by a chopped-up clip of Swae Lee’s singing. The beat switches again, with Drake and Scott both delivering bars for nearly 2 minutes. Drake’s performance is his best in a while, and that’s saying a lot, considering the man has had a record-breaking album and two #1 hits already this year. It’s an unconventional but still catchy track that deserves a lot of credit for both its ambition and execution.

13) Falling Down by Lil Peep & XXXTentacion: The posthumous release from both artists is much more of a pop song than fans are used to from either of them. There is also controversy about the morality of releasing this song, as some people have taken offense to putting the two artists together on the song without either of them agreeing to it, and being unable to object to it due to both of their tragic deaths in the last year. Nonetheless, the song sounds really nice, and doesn’t sound like a cheap sellout, which was definitely a concern for fans. Peep’s angsty chorus works really well with the faster beat, and X’s verse keeps this almost-whiny tone up, and it just works. The song isn’t particularly ambitious, but it is a successful change of style for the artists and it’s a legitimately good pop song.

Lil Peep picture: – Miller Rodríguez on Wikipedia

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