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Class of the Week 10/8-10/12 PART 1

Written by Christine Gill

Welcome back to Week 4 of the Class of the Week article. This week, we were provided the privilege of giving the award to two different classes. Each of the co-authors, Olivia and I, will write our own articles about each of the classes. For my class of the week, I have selected Ms. O’Keef’s 4th hour Health class. This is Ms. O’Keef’s first class of the week award this year, but looking at how amazing this class is, I can see many awards coming Ms. O’Keef’s way. I was given the pleasure of going into this class for a few minutes for a photo shoot. Ms. O’Keef had me wait a few minutes because one of the students was missing, and she refused to take the photo without her. This shows how Ms. O’Keef cares about each one of her students, and that this class is almost a family.

When asked about why she thinks her class deserves class of the week, she stated, “My 4th hour class is one of the most hard working classes in the school.  They are a very kind, outgoing, and lively class that enjoys class discussions.”. Ms. O’Keef is always looking out for her students, and states, “I want to make sure your generation grows up to be a healthy, well-informed, physically-educated group of individuals that move into the real world confidently.  I love teaching health class because I get to teach real-life skills that will last a lifetime!” The students and athletes here at Dominican just adore Ms. O’Keef, and she shares the same feelings for all of us. Thank you for reading this week’s Class of the Week article, and make sure to check out Liv’s article to see who the other award went to this week!

Written by: Jackson Corcoran

Photo by: Jackson Corcoran

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