Off-White x Ikea

Written by Christine Gill

Off White x IKEA Rugs

Virgil Abloh and IKEA are teaming up to create a collection of rugs and other furniture. The collection is slated right now to be a Paris only release with a wider release in 2019 at select IKEA stores. The rugs are projected to have a resell price of 4x-10x their retail price. The rugs right now are expected to retail from about $90-$200 and resell for $900-$1400. This combined with the fact that there will be an in store release at IKEA will most likely lead to long lines and overzealous fans at IKEA doing anything possible to get their hands on what will surely be a high fashion grail. The rugs will feature Virgil’s signature short phrases that usually contradict whatever item they are on. This rug, and the hype surrounding it, is yet another showcase of the power Virgil holds and his vice like grip on the street wear and high fashion industry.

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