How Can I be Successful at Dominican?

Written by Christine Gill
How can I be successful at Dominican? –  Anonymous Freshman
Mainly making sure your homework is done and mostly correct and accurate. You may think, “I did the homework, so I’m good!” No; they check it. And make sure that you understand what you’re being taught, so you can do well on tests and quizzes. Also make sure you have the correct materials like pencils, pens, a calculator, etc. so that you can avoid the detention slips or warnings that come with not having your materials. Think about coming during resource and / or after school or even zero hour classes for help! No, it’s not embarrassing, it’s getting the necessary help you need to pass all your classes and understanding the lesson. Also if you don’t get a great grade that doesn’t mean the world is ending! Depending on the teacher, you can retake the test over. Just make sure you understand what you did wrong before retaking. Participating in school events like sports, theater, and dances can make you successful at Dominican. Trying is most important to success, because that’s what teachers look for in all of their students. These are the things that will help make you successful at Dominican.
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