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Suspiria (1977) Movie Review

Written by Christine Gill

Suspiria By Dario Argento is the story of a young woman named Suzy (Jessica Harper) who has traveled to Germany to attend a well respected ballet school, but as she starts her training other students start to disappear and tensions rise within the student body. Suzy uncovers the terrible history of the school and its inhabitants.Suspiria is not only a unsettling and scary movie but also has a stunning beauty that is observed through the incredible Neo-noir camerawork, lighting, and incredible soundtrack. The dark atmosphere and the colorful surroundings lead to many beautiful scenes while managing to keep the unsettling atmosphere. The increasing levels of tension will have you hiding behind your seat well past the explosive and shocking conclusion.

One of the strongest points of the film is the cinematography, as the lighting and camera angles are consistently on point. The color pallet brightens the darkness of the plot and events with a neon glow. All of this blends perfectly with the cast especially the lead actor Jessica Harper who’s intensely riveting performance makes Suspiria stand out from the usual acting of the time. I can strongly recommend Suspiria to any film lover due to the artistic, production, and casting quality that makes Dario Argento’s work so great.



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