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Baby Driver: Movie Review

Written by Christine Gill

The film Baby Driver was released mid-year last year on June 28, 2017. This unique film directed by Edgar Wright lived up to the high expectations that it was given. Many of Wright’s previous films have incorporated distinct and beautiful camera angles and shots, which highly contributed to the film itself. His newest creation was no different, as even in the beginning title shot, the title fades away, and all that is left is the road itself, which symbolizes how the entire film will focus on the road as well as driving itself. The premise of this movie focuses

on a young adult named Baby, who suffered from a hearing injury when he was in a car accident as a boy. In order to stop the constant ringing in his ears, Baby always is seen listening to some sort of music at each and every point. The director cleverly uses Baby’s music as a way to bring soundtrack into the film, so the audience is able to hear the same song as him. Because Baby is a getaway driver, he uses his music to fit the mood of the chase while at the same time showing off his amazing driving skills. By following the story line of Baby, the audience sees his struggle to get out of the criminal life, and to simply be a regular person. This struggle is shown throughout the film, until it all explodes in the final scene, and Baby makes a distinct choice to leave everything behind. Although the plot and story line of the film Baby Driver was somewhat basic, its quality of detail and cinematic techniques makes the movie fun to watch, and easy to enjoy. by Chrispwalsh by Bago Games

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