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Class of the Week 10/8-10/12 PART 2

Written by Christine Gill

Welcome to week 4 of your Class of the Week article. This week we had the privilege of choosing two classes for Class of the Week. Jackson and myself have both chose two classes that we thought excelled over the first month of school, and therefore would be worthy of the award. After making the hard decision between all the possible classes, I chose Mr. Fridays 3rd hour Religion 1 class. This is Mr. Fridays first award for Class of the Week, but from having Mr. Friday as a teacher, I know his classes are well deserving of this award.

I had the pleasure of being able to ask Mr. Friday a few questions about his class. One of the biggest questions many ponder about is if religion teachers feel their classroom environment is a safe place for students to express their individual beliefs. When asking Mr. Friday this question he responded with “I believe it is a safe environment. I strive to create a welcoming atmosphere where questions on any faith tradition are always welcome”. This shows that Mr. Friday cares about all different viewpoints and welcomes these viewpoints to open others up to different faith backgrounds. Before finishing the interview, I asked Mr. Friday what advice he would give to current students enrolled in his religion classes. He stated “If you fully participate and open yourself to considering the deep questions we study, the insights you will gain will be far more valuable than anything a simple grade can offer”. This shows that Mr. Friday wants his students to take more out of his class than just getting a good grade. Thank you for taking time out of your day to read this week’s article! Make sure to take a peek at Jackson’s article as well.

Author: Olivia Mlada

Picture by: Olivia Mlada

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