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Gran Turismo Sport- A car game review?

Written by Gus Wilson

Now, this section is about cars but when coming up with an article to write I immediately jumped to my greatest asset sitting on my PlayStation 4 gaming console which is Gran Turismo Sport; a realistic driving video game or simulator that has over 200+ cars with new cars coming out at the end of every month. Last month during the last week of September they added nine new cars, Fuji Speedway located close to Mt. Fuji in Japan, and three events were added to the career mode.

Now, this might sound like a bunch of gibberish, but this game has been around since 1997 and has been one of the best racing/driving-oriented video games because of the realistic driving physics. The game is used by real racing teams to get some practice and knowledge on the track their next race is on before going out for their practice or qualifying laps. The game has a driving school where it teaches proper cornering techniques with almost no driving aids turned on so it really challenges the player to push their car to the edge and improve their skills on the track. The player has the option to do road races, circuit races, and rally races which are high-speed dirt races where the cars have little to no grip and will mean a lot of crashing unless the throttle is all the way down. On the game, I’m particularly fond of the group B cars from the 80’s where the cars could catch a lot of air going off a pretty medium size hill.

The game has the ability to go online, so the player can race against others in lobbies, but it is not recommended because the lobbies are very hectic, since everyone is at a different skill level or there are just people that just like to go the wrong way around the course and run into other racers trying to have a fun time or just get a good lap time. There is a whole host of features like making a custom race to the get the optimal driving conditions with a huge monetary reward for 1st place or doing a two player split screen race with a friend through a relatively wide TV is recommended if this is used. The game has, in my opinion, been a lot of fun to play, because I’m a huge fan of rally racing and also drifting, which is doing a controlled slide around a corner while keeping good speed with transitions in between.

To sum the article up, this game is really fun to play and can give you the sensation of driving even if you don’t have your license. Stay tuned for the next article as there will be a video on the game with a bit of commentary, and tell me what you would like to see in the next article!



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