Athlete of the Week

Sam Keehan: Athlete of the Week

Written by Christine Gill

This week’s athlete of the week is Sam Keehan. Sam has played varsity soccer every year since his freshman year. He contributes to his team in every way imaginable. He is not afraid to pass the ball and be a team player, but he is also reliable when it comes time for him to score. He is also the person on the team that will keep their spirits up by joking around and picking up his teammates emotionally when they need it. Sam Keehan not only played soccer, but he also played JV baseball for our Dominican Knights his sophomore year. It was his first time playing baseball since his younger years, but he proved to be a vital member of the team. He always worked hard and took the games seriously. This shows that Sam Keehan is a great athlete because he can adapt to a new sport that he has not played in years. That is why Sam Keehan is this week’s athlete of the week.

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