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What are 10 Things that tick you off?

Written by Jerome


10 Things that tick me off are:

When people eat with their mouth open.

When people drag their feet while they are walking.

When people touch my FOOD without asking.

When people use the word “like” too many times in a sentence.

When boys sag; like pull your pants up! No wants to see that.

When people talk through the whole movie because they don’t know how to stop talking.

When people sing along to a song and don’t know the words.

When people stop in the middle of the hallway when I’m trying to get to class.

When people see that I’m not in a good mood and continue to try to talk to me; just let me be.

When someone doesn’t say excuse me when they bump you as they walk pass.

When fall comes and all people can talk about is pumpkin everything.


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