A Congratulations to the Cast and Crew of Spitfire Grill!

Written by Christine Gill

Last Saturday evening, I chose to spend my night supporting my friends watching a heartwarming story called the Spitfire Grill that takes place in a small town called Gilead, Wisconsin. I was excited to see this production, because I know from my personal experience in the Dominican theater that Jeff Schaetzke puts his heart and soul into each and every show he directs. My assumptions were correct! The cast and crew of Spitfire Grill, did an outstanding job of making me feel emotionally attached to the characters, and their backstories. My personal favorite part of the show was when the sheriff of the small town attempted to propose to the girl who was fresh out of jail with a troubled past. The change in lighting from a deep blue night sky to the radiant yellow-orange morning beautifully set the tone for that song. I also loved how the actors perfectly harmonized their singing at certain moments of the show. When actors harmonize correctly, you can feel their music perfectly blending together creating a perfect pairing of different notes, and the cast of Spitfire Grill did just that. Overall, I am glad to have spent my time watching Dominican’s Fall production of the Spitfire Grill, because of how well done it was, and I cannot wait to see the November production of Almost Maine!

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