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Kanye West says He Will be Reincarnated Into a Fish

Written by Christine Gill

Kanye West released an incredible interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper, revealing  that he thinks he will be reincarnated into a type of fish after his death. Kanye states that after swimming in the ocean on a trip to California he had a vision of a puffer fish swimming to him. Kanye continued saying that the puffer fish talked to him, whispering “divine knowledge of the sea” in his ear. Kanye said that the puffer fish also vocalized its support for his 2020 presidential campaign. When asked if he has seen the puffer fish, Kanye said that was the only time he had seen it and, “didn’t even know what a puffer fish was”.




picture from https://rangerrick.org/tag/pufferfish/

picture from https://uinterview.com/news/kanye-west-extends-current-tour-adds-20-concert-dates/

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