How Can I Avoid Coming Late to Class?

Written by Christine Gill

How can I Avoid coming late to class? – Anonymous student

Veronica- Well that’s a great question I can understand how hard it can be getting to class on time for some students. Especially Freshman and Seniors because we are on the First floor and having to get things for classes on the second and third floor could make you extremely late. But there is a difference in reasons for being late. Two are you either are having too much fun talking to friends and lost track of time, or you are doing what you aren’t supposed to be and end up late. Another reason could be going to the academic wing to see Mr. Murray or going to the office to see Mama Keller and / or a teacher from the class before made you late.

I believe maybe something that can help you not worry so much about being late or getting a detention is at least bringing all the materials that you need for period 1-4 so you won’t need to go back to your locker for every period. And I advise if you want to go to the bathroom before class starts or don’t wanna be late over the bathroom, you should go straight to the class and put your books down and tell your teacher, “I’m going to the bathroom,” or just ask them so you won’t be marked late for the class. Use these tips and I guarantee that you won’t be late! The choice is yours… you could make an effort to come on time for every class, or make the decision to come to class late, but these tips could really help.

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