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How I get into the Halloween Spirit!

Written by Christine Gill

If someone were to ask what my favorite holiday is in the year, I would say, without hesitation, that it would be Halloween! Halloween is hands down the best holiday in the year, because it gives me a valid justification to purchase and consume vast quantities of candy during the duration of one day. This holiday also gives me an excuse to binge watch seasons of scary shows or movies such as American Horror Story, The Saw series, and The Walking Dead. Halloween has some fun traditions that my family would do for the spirit of Halloween, like make alligator pie. Alligator pie is a non-baking process that uses green food coloring, peanuts, whip cream, and gram cracker dust. Overall, Halloween is my favorite holiday, because of my family traditions, the vast amount of candy I consume, and the I can practice my craft of binge watching television shows.


Images gathered: by Evan-Amos by Aniol

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