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Written by Christine Gill

The film simply named Tag was released on June 15th of this year, and due to its unique plot and story, it attracted many viewers over the country. The plot of this movie was very intriguing, as it is based off of a game many people played as a kid: tag. In this film, a group of five friends play this game every May, and attempt to tag each other so that they are no longer “it.” Because one of their friends, Jerry, has never been tagged even when they were kids, the remaining four friends team up together in order to make him “it.” There is a sense of urgency this year, as there is a rumor going around that this year is Jerry’s last before he gets married, and retires from the game of tag. Throughout the film, it is revealed that these friends play this game in order to stay close together and to spend time with each other just like they were able to when they were young. As this movie is based off a true story, the characters in real life described how playing the game of tag united them and kept their friend group together over the years. The uniqueness of this movie is the main reason that it has been so popular, but the jokes throughout the film were average at best, and the movie as a whole wasn’t anything extremely special. However, I did enjoy watching the film, and if the opportunity presented itself, I would see it again. Rodger Ebert  by fandangonow


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