Billboard Hot 100 Review: Week of October 20, 2018

Written by Christine Gill

8) Happier by Bastille & Marshmello: I love this song and it’s what the charts need right now in a huge way. Lately the top 10 has been full of boring, forgettable rap songs, and pop songs sprinkled in have been disappointing as well. There’s a serious lack of fun, upbeat, and interesting songs topping the charts, which is where Happier comes in. Despite the depressing subject matter (explaining his reasons for breaking up with his girlfriend), Dan Smith, frontman of indie rock band Bastille, gives the situation a positive spin as he explains that he thinks that, despite their initial sadness, the break up will allow them both to be happier. The lyrics aren’t particularly impressive, to be fair. However, Smith’s bold and strongly accented singing voice hooks the listener early, and Marshmello’s production keeps up the catchiness and energy. I’m really hopeful that the song can continue to climb the charts and hopefully start the trend of bigger, grander, and “happier”.

Marshmello picture:, The Come Up Show on Wikipedia

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