Class of the Week

Class of the Week: 10/22-10/26

Written by Christine Gill

Welcome back to this week’s edition of Class of the Week. This week, we have given the award to a class consisting of only one person. Everyday during third period, senior Drew Dlugopolski heads down to the Cafeteria/Outer Concourse for his study hall.

We were given the great opportunity of asking Drew a few questions about his class. Although there is only person in the class, he states, “Though I acknowledge that many classes are deserving of this prestigious award, I believe that my study hall is unparalleled in terms of productivity.  Due to my lack of distractions, I am able to be extremely productive. One way that I believe it is most telling that I am deserving of this award is that I was the first study hall to be chosen for this award.” Drew is correct. This is the first time the award has been given to the study hall, and he definitely deserves it the most. He states that his favorite part about the class is that,  “I am alone. I have DOC privileges, but I choose not to leave the campus. However, I escape from the “silent study hall room,” which is truly never silent.” For students considering taking a study hall, we asked Drew to provide us with some “senior wisdom.” He said, “To me, there is no rational reason to not take a study hall. Scott Caan once said, “Good things happen when you set your priorities straight.” I truly hold these words close to my heart.”

Congratulations once again to Drew Dlugopolski and his unrivaled work ethic which earned him this award. Keep working hard students!


Written by: Jackson Corcoran and Olivia Mlada

Photo by: Jackson Corcoran and Olivia Mlada

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