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How Much I Do Not Use Modern Television

Written by Christine Gill

As of recently, my use of modern television is minimal. I consistently see myself using my AT&T television service once a week to watch the newest season of AMC’s The Walking Dead. However, this does not mean that I do not watch television shows or observe any form of media. I mostly use media platforms such as Netflix, YouTube, and Hulu. I personally enjoy these platforms more because they are accessible on gaming consoles, they do not have a mass amount of advertisements, and the comedy on these platforms are more geared toward my sense of humor. Netflix and Hulu, are paid memberships that do not display ads, unlike television. It bothers me that in a thirty minute show, modern television displays eight minutes worth of obnoxious, uninteresting ads. That is almost one third of the allotted time a television show is allowed to have. My other issue with modern television is that the comedy the producers create are not funny, and do not pique my interests. YouTube for example, is a platform where young content creators can share their work with audiences ranging from young to old. The comedy of my generation is different than the comedy of the generation of traditional television producers. The type of comedy on YouTube relates to my interests and sense of humor, because the content creators are closer to my age, and they have similar ideas to me. Overall, I wish that modern television producers would have less advertisements shown, and that young content creators should have opportunities to display their work on a larger scale platform.


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