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Movie Review: Dunkirk

Written by Christine Gill

Last year, the movie Dunkirk was released on July 27 and was viewed by millions of people. The film grossed over $500 million, and it received many rewards for its directing and sound quality. Based on a true story, the films premise takes place during World War II when the Germans had pushed back all the English forces into the northwestern corner of France in a place called Dunkirk. This place was only 75 miles from their home in Dover, England, but these troops had no way of getting home as they had no ships and were constantly being bombarded by German aircraft. These troops were finally rescued when regular English citizens took their personal boats to carry back the troops to Dover.

Throughout the film, there isn’t much dialogue, but instead the main focus is on the suspense that occurs from the strange amount of silence during a war. The visuals and cinematography in the movie are outstanding, and the acting by each person is convincing and genuine. On top of all that, Hans Zimmer’s choice of the soundtrack only adds to the thrilling mood throughout the entirety of the movie. While Dunkirk may not appeal to all ages, as it is completely based upon a historical event, its amazing quality of detail and cinematic style contribute to its much needed praise. by ETRG-Torrent by Cassowary Colorizations

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