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What Can You Get From Going on Retreat ?

Written by Christine Gill

What can you get from going on Retreat? – anonymous student

I know immediately you get the thought in your mind that this is gonna be booooring. Or it’s a waste, or it’s the end of the world! No, it actually isn’t because it depends on your outlook. If you come in negative most likely you will come out a positive person or have a new outlook on religion or how you’re living your life. Retreats are designed for you to relax and reflect over however long you’ve been at Dominican and be aware of the mistakes you have made and learning from them. Also, Retreat forces you to give up your phone so you are forced to interact with your classmates around you, whether you know them or not, and it gives you a chance to learn more about them. It also gives room for new friendships and new connections, because maybe that new individual is a whiz at math, and you could use a friend to help you! That’s kind of what retreat is for, to find out who you are and what skills and abilities you can contribute to Dominican’s community and the world. Retreats prepare you for the real world and help you recognize what you need to work on both in the community and personally. After reading this I hope you have a better outlook on retreats. My personal favorite retreat is Kairos; it changed my life, but anyway, all I am saying is come to retreat with an open mind, because every last one of the retreats you go on will change you. The results being negative or positive is up to you.

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