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Michael Myers Dislikes new Halloween Movie

Written by Christine Gill

Written by John Dunn

Michael Myers is currently protesting the showing of the new Halloween movie due to it being an “inaccurate representation” of his self. Michael has stated that he has always disliked his portrayal in the series and even claims that he was not given the role of himself in the movies due to a lack of brutality. Michael states that he is actually a “gentle person that wouldn’t kill a fly.” He also states that the original plot of the Halloween movie was to show his talent at making costumes and masks for others in his childhood neighborhood. Michael states that the first Halloween movie was supposed to be categorized as a biopic but was altered after a new producer took over the film’s production. Michael now says that he will be suing the director, production company, and wants a new movie made, produced, and led by him to show instead of the remake that was just released in theaters.


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