Billboard Hot 100 Review: Week of October 27, 2018

Written by Christine Gill

18) FEFE by 6ix9ine, Nicki Minaj, and Murda Beatz: there’s not a whole lot of school-appropriate topics to discuss from this song, so my comments on it aren’t gonna directly address specific lines. However, a quick listen of the song will make it very easy to see what I’m referring to with this review. This song is really disgusting. From the album cover to 6ix9ine’s first line in the first verse, it’s simultaneously really gross and really hard to believe that 6ix9ine is actually referring to true events. The first verse is just disgusting in its entirety, and his extremely short second verse sounds like it’s directly recycled from some other 6ix9ine song. He tries to convince the audience that he’s a killer, but that just makes him 1) an idiot glorifying murder and gang activity, and 2) a terribly unconvincing liar. Nicki Minaj’s verse is a lot more lyrically impressive and a lot less gross, but it doesn’t come close to salvaging the wreck 6ix9ine left.

6ix9ine picture:, Eljakim Video on Wikipedia

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