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Every car junkies goal: SEMA 2018

Written by Gus Wilson

November is the month that serves up football games, the first of two parent-teacher conferences, permission to stuff your face on Thanksgiving, no school, transitioning between the fall to the winter season, and a good reason not to shave because of the fundraiser MOvember. In Las Vegas though there is one show that since 1963 has made it the premier event for car gurus around the world. This event is called SEMA or Specialty Equipment Market Association where hundreds of manufacturers show off their new products making cars and trucks faster, louder, taller, lower, wider, or just more insane to drive. Unfortunately, most of the cars at the show don’t actually move under their own power and in fact only a relatively small amount drive without “a Bluetooth driveshaft or steering rack.” 


This show has made some cars and the people who built them really famous like Rob Dahm with the world’s first AWD 4 rotor Mazda RX7 that will go up to an estimated 250 mph unveiled 2 years ago.  Another example of a famous SEMA car or should I say sport utility vehicle (SUV) is from Wisconsin’s own restomod company, the Ringbrothers with their 1971 Chevrolet K-5 Blazer nicknamed Seeker. The iconic SUV still has some factory parts but even those are modified to accommodate all the aftermarket parts. This SUV was unveiled 2 days ago on Oct. 30th at this year’s show according to the website Autoblog.

Even Ford, Dodge, Chevy, and all the other big manufacturers bring their modified toys to the show like SUV’s with big tires, roof racks, or they are lowered with crazy amounts of power or custom widebody kits.

Now to the average person, this may seem like a bunch of gibberish but this is a good way for manufacturers to see what the public of their products so if not a lot of people like it then it won’t go into mass production or it won’t be sold at all. The show is where some of my favorite cars are reviled or previewed and the fanboys that love those manufacturers making them lock in on the car like a falcon homing in on its prey. I am not exactly like those fanboys though I can’t help but focus in on a beautiful car like that RX-7 or that K-5 Blazer.

Photo found on: Article by: Dino Dalle Carbonare, Photo taken by: Dino Dalle Carbonare

Photo found on: Article by: Dave Thomas Photo taken by: Dave Thomas

Photo found on: Article by: Freddy “Tavarish” Hernandez Photo by: Andy Perry

Photo found on: Article by: Jeremy Korzeniewski Photo taken by: Ringbrothers

Photo found on:—off-the-beaten-path-mtsema18/ss-BBPdPcD#image=2 Article by: MSN Staff Photo taken by: MSN Staff

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