Class of the Week

Class of the Week 10/29-11/2

Written by Christine Gill

Welcome back this week’s edition of Class of the Week. This week’s award has been awarded to Ms. O’Keef’s seventh hour Strength and Conditioning class. This is Ms. O’Keef’s second time receiving the award, but the last time it was given to her Health class.

For the past few editions, we have interviewed the teacher who teaches the class. This week, we decided to change it up, and interview a student taking the class, in order to get a different perspective.

We were given the opportunity to interview Andrew Ottoway who is in the Strength and Conditioning class. This is the second class that Drew has been in that Ms. O’Keef teaches. Drew says that almost every class, they are in the weight room completing different workouts. When asked about his favorite part, he states, “My favorite part of the class is having the opportunity to work out during the school day. Also, I love listening to music, and I am able to do that while I workout.” We asked Drew how he feels about Ms. O’Keef. He responded, “I like her a lot. She shows us many different workout routines, and corrects us when we are doing it wrong, to make sure that we are staying safe throughout the process.” Congratulations again to Ms. O’Keef and her class, and thank you again to Drew Ottoway for taking the time to answer these questions.


Written by: Jackson Corcoran and Olivia Mlada

Photo by: Andrew Ottoway

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