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My Thoughts on “Almost Maine”

Written by Christine Gill

I was absolutely impressed when I went to go see Dominican High School’s Fall theater production of Almost Maine by John Cariani. The play is based on vignette stories that all have a common theme of love. Since love can either be good or bad, the stories express the duality of love through various reliable characters. Dominican picked out their actors perfectly for this show, because they were able to convey the message of love extremely well. The actors made the characters feel like they were real people having a conversation, and not a cast of people who had to memorize lines. The students did such an outstanding job that there were moments when I hoped the characters said the right things to one another to make their story end up happy. I also want to acknowledge the behind the scene work the crew must do for this show. The light work for the show assisted the audience into feeling the emotions the characters were feeling such as dark blue for sadness, and orange-yellow for joy. The smooth transitions between each vignette gave the show an amazing flow. Overall, I could not be more proud of my friends and peers who were apart of Almost Maine, and I would highly consider going to this show while it is still available!


photos taken by Alex Spencer and Scout Stackhouse

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