Visit to Supreme

Written by Christine Gill

Visit to Supreme

I visited Supreme LA on a Saturday during my trip to Fairfax Ave. Fairfax is a shopping district consisting of a lot of streetwear and sneaker stores. I personally visited Supreme and Diamond Supply Co. Supreme actually had a line even though it was a Saturday and they only drop new products on Thursday. The line was not too long and we got in after about 15-25 minutes. They were carrying very few items and only had the items that people did not really want from Thursday as well as some random brands t-shirts. There were people in the skating rink skateboarding and just a lot of people who were just there just because they wanted to visit the store. It was not a very big store and they had limited product in stock. It was still a very cool experience and definitely a hallmark of urban culture and you could feel the culture and influence emanated by the store’s presence.

Diamond Supply Co. was a bigger store and had a nicer layout but it also did not have space being taken up by a skate park. They had a lot of really nice displays with skateboards and other accessories inside of them. They had some clothes downstairs on racks inside of the wall and then a spiral staircase up to a platform with more clothes. They also had a little room tucked away downstairs with less prominent items and a wheelbarrow full of “diamonds”. All in all, my trip to Fairfax was a very lovely one and the culture along that strip is one of the best for any clothing and sneaker enthusiasts with a lot of really popular stores all right next to each other. It was a really cool experience and something I would love to get the opportunity to visit again.

Supreme, which was started in 1994, is an American Skateboarding clothing brand originated in New York City. The brand is known for many collaborations with other big time companies across the globe, along with them selling clothing, accessories, skateboards, and shoes. The total equity of the company in 2017 was estimated to be about $1 Billion USD! Supreme has 11 locations worldwide and only 3 in the US. Two stores in New York City and 1 in Los Angeles. If you cannot get to those stores for a purchase, you can purchase Supreme products online at

Photo by Jace Boswell

Story by Jamari Magee and Jace Boswell

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