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Flat Earth Theory Confirmed!

Written by Christine Gill

It has been proven that Earth is in fact flat instead of the idea of the Earth being 3 dimensional.  According to the Worlds Association of Sciences, there has been newly confirmed evidence to support not only that the earth is flat, but stars are also not huge as previously thought. They are in fact the size they look like from Earth. The W.A.S meets all around the world to discuss new scientific breakthroughs in the field while making the new info legitimized and distributed to educational databases. Kyrie Irving the leader of the W.A.S is now releasing a documentary about their revolutionary findings called I Told You So that will come to theaters in early December. Many people still deny the new evidence that the world is flat and are now forming a group called the Earth Sphere Recognition Alliance that has gained over 400 followers in the last couple of weeks.


photo credits: http://www.ancient-hebrew.org/articles_flatearththeory.html


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