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Alumni of the Week 11/5-11/9

Written by Christine Gill

This week I have decided to switch it up from the normal Class of the Week to Alumni of the Week. I decided to choose someone who, while attending Dominican, was a role model for many since she continued to put forth hard work with all her successes at Dominican. This week’s Alumni of the Week is someone no other than Sydnee Jenkins. She graduated Dominican in 2017, and attends Howard University in Washington, DC. Now being a Sophomore in college, Sydnee has a feel for college life and I knew she would have good advice for current high school students and soon-to-be-graduates at Dominican. Tuesday night I texted Sydnee a list of questions, knowing I would get a response because of her willingness to help others whenever her assistance is needed. Within less than a minute, I received a text from Sydnee stating “of course Liv” (with a heart). I then proceeded to ask her how Dominican prepared her for college. She responded, “The college preparatory curriculum at Dominican prepared me for college in a sense that all my general courses I have taken like Math, Science, and English have been extremely easy because of the way Dominican challenges students academically.”  Her response is spot on, Dominican challenges students in a thought-provoking way, however they make sure that no student is falling behind. Second, I asked Sydnee what advice she would give to current high school students at DHS. Her advice was, “to enjoy the moments while you have them! Don’t be anxious to graduate; being an adult is tough. Also, don’t stress over the little things. It is okay if you miss a homework assignment or don’t get a 4.0 every semester. Stay Positive!.” This advice is simple, yet truly inspiring, as it shows that it is alright to not be perfect as long as you are trying your best and staying positive! My final question for Sydnee was what she missed the most about Dominican. She stated, “I don’t miss the dress code or the lack of freedom, but I definitely miss the people and the atmosphere at Dominican. I met some of my best friends at Dominican, whether that was through sports or other extra-curricular activities. Dominican is truly my second family.” The Dominican community truly misses seeing Sydnee every day and hopes that she has a successful career at Howard University. That’s it for your first alumni of the week, hope to see you back next week!

Written by: Olivia Mlada

Photo from: Sydnee Jenkins

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