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Class of the Week 11/5-11/9

Written by Christine Gill

Welcome back readers to this week’s edition of Class of the Week. This week, the award has been given to the third hour Spanish IV class, taught by Senora Bonofiglio. Besides Spanish IV, she also teaches the Spanish I and Spanish II classes.  I am in the other Spanish IV class and I can speak from experience that this is a very fun and informational class. I was given the opportunity to ask Senora a few questions about the class, foreign language, and the material in the class.

Above is a photo of a student working on a packet for the class about paintings by Diego De Velazquez. Currently in the class, they are “looking at the history of sixteenth and seventeenth century Spain and learning about the lives and works of two important artists from those centuries, El Greco and Diego de Velázquez.” Along with the historical information, they also are reviewing grammar. The students are currently “reviewing all of the Spanish verb tenses this semester, and are currently focusing on the differences between the preterite and the imperfect, the two past tenses in Spanish.” When asked why her class deserves class of the week, Senora stated, “Slot 3 Spanish 4 deserves to be the class of the week because they’re fun and focused students.  They engage with the material, and commit fully to the topics we study and projects we do.  They’re really good students, but they also don’t take themselves too seriously.  I truly enjoy teaching this class because I feel like I can be totally myself with this group of students.”

Senora Bonofiglio believes that taking a foreign language in high school is very important because “it’s a way to connect to people who are different from you, which I believe is something our world needs now more than ever.” She also added that bilingualism is in demand in many different fields, such as business, medicine, and law.  Lastly, I asked her why she enjoys teaching Spanish classes, and she responded, “I love how every day is different.  I enjoy teaching culture, but I’m also a bit of grammar nerd, so I like that side of teaching Spanish, too!  I adore music in Spanish, and love being able to share my favorite songs and music videos in Spanish with my students.  I also enjoy the challenge of finding ways to make dry grammar topics fun through games, conversation, and other activities.” Thank you to Senora Bonofiglio for taking the time out of her day to respond to the questions, and congratulations to the third hour Spanish IV on the award.


Written By:  Jackson Corcoran

Photos By: Jackson Corcoran

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