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¿What is El Baile?

Written by Jerome

El Baile is the dance that we have every year to support the Latin culture. The dance is fun and filled with lots of Latin music and food. You are welcome to bring a friend as long as they get the okay from Mr. Murray. It’s on Friday November 9th from 8:00- 10:00 PM, but the doors open at 7:45. It is put together by the The Dominican Fuego Latino club. When you buy  your ticket, the money goes to a Charity that has not be decided by the club yet. All I can tell you is that the charity will be some where in the United States this year and will have something to do with migration and education for Latinos. You should not only go to have fun but support the club and the cause they are supporting. Also, if you are taking a Spanish, class you will get extra credit, and who doesn’t love extra credit? I hope to see you there!!



photo found on DHS Knightly News media page




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