Why Should You Join Winter Sports ?

Written by Christine Gill

Why should you join Winter sports? -Anonymous student

Veronica: That’s a good question Winter Sports are great just like all the others; they create great opportunities for joining a team and making friends. They also help you become active and a part of something big in the school and incredible at Dominican High School. Joining sports can help increase your status and give you the exposure that you may want in the school; more people will recognize you for playing basketball, for example.  Also, if you’re interested in the talent show but don’t want to do it alone the basketball teams try out for it and you’d feel much better knowing you get to perform with your team and maybe win! Also if you choose golf there’s a thing where to raise the money they make breakfast food and sell it and the funds go to the team, and they are always looking for more members! Not only are winter sports great, all sports Dominican offers are great and have excellent rewards for joining. The one thing you have to remember before signing up for a winter sport is to be aware of your grades and make sure you are able to maintain keeping grades up and playing a sport. Grades are key in signing up for sports because you can be a star player and have horrible grades and won’t be able to play and show off your skills. So I encourage you to sign up; it is worth it!




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