Dominican Boys Basketball Season

Written by Matthew Sherlock

The Dominican boys Basketball season is starting up soon. Try outs for the varsity team start next week. Practice also starts next week after try outs. Dominican is known for their boys’ basketball team. Winning state is something that Dominican has done many times. Dominican won 5 straight state championships from 2012-2016. Over this period of time, Dominican dominated the competition. This year Dominican will be led by Alex Antetokounmpo, Ben Jelacic, Jamari Magee, and Bo Bennet. These guys will try and lead their team to yet another state championship this season. Expectations are high from both the team and he people around them.

I talked to star forward Alex Antetokounmpo. He believes that this team could easily be conference champion. He also stated that his team has the skill set to reach the state tournament in Madison Wisconsin. Alex says that even though he hopes to put up big numbers, he cares more about the team’s success as a whole more than his individual stats. This is going to be a great year for Dominican basketball.


Photo By: @prizedUp

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