Ever Heard Of Rockstar Original Yet? You Will Now…

Written by Christine Gill

Written By: Jamari Magee

You may or may not have heard of a brand named Rockstar Original, but it is certainly starting to make some noise around the world but more around the city of Milwaukee. The owners of the brand Frank Mechaly and David Mathey, have a special way of getting their clothing items out in the scene, through celebrities who are seen wearing them to make it popular. Rockstar is most known for their stylish jeans but most people will be seen wearing their comfortable and snazzy jogging suits. You can get your hands on some material by Rockstar Original at a local store called TheShop414 located at 1401 W Center Street Milwaukee, WI. Another location that is known for having some Rockstar Original merchandise is a store called IconMKE, located at 1577 W Greenfield, Milwaukee, WI. If you want to look for more or what’s in stock or wanting to order offline, you can do so by using this URL which takes you straight to Rockstar’s website,

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