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Movie Review: Wonder Woman

Written by Christine Gill

The movie Wonder Woman was released on June 2nd of 2017. Its presence has been long awaited in the DC universe, as there has not been a remake for over 30 years. The film grossed over $180 million, and it deserved each and every dollar it made. From its unique and well written story, to its well-directed action scenes, the film surpassed any expectation it was previously given.

The movie’s plot revolves around an Amazonian princess named Diana who is shown


to grow up as a fierce warrior, just as any Amazonian would. However, because she is a princess, her mother fears for her safety, and is very strict with her. Eventually, she learns to fight, and she is forced to use her skills to defend her home when German soldiers arrive on Themyscira’s beach. After this, her mother tells her that Ares, the god of war is the reason for all of this fighting. Diana then decides to leave with an American spy named Steve who chooses to help her in order to end the war. In the end, Diana and Steve are victorious and the war is ended.

Throughout the film, the actors and actresses do an amazing job of truly becoming their characters and excel in keeping the tone of the movie. On top of this, the director, Patty Jenkins, does a great job of shooting each scene so that the audience members are drawn to specific part of each and every scene. In all, the film Wonder Woman fits well into the DC universe, and its presence will easily allow for more sequels over the years. by Sebastian Vital by Bago Games

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