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The First Snowfall of the “Fall” Season

Written by Christine Gill

I woke up to a chilling surprise this morning! Milwaukee, Wisconsin had apparently experienced snowfall from late last night to this morning. In my previous writing pieces, I have expressed why Fall is my favorite season. To recap, I enjoy fall mostly because of the various colors in nature I cannot normally see in other seasons. The snowfall this morning accentuated the color of the leaves and berries on the trees, or at least whatever is left of the trees. The pure, white snow covered the colorful earth, and made the colors of nature left from the Fall season pop out to me. I personally love looking at snow, because I see snow as whiting out the ground, and whatever color that is visible from the snow is magnified to a greater level. I also love snow, because it gives me an excuse to get fresh air, and listen to music while shoveling. Even though Fall is my favorite season, the Winter season helps my breathing, because I was born with a deviated septum, which in short means I cannot breathe out of my nose effectively. This problem is amplified under hot weather conditions, but the cool, dry air helps me breathe. Overall, I am sad that the Fall season is coming to an end, but the beginning of Winter has its perks for me, so I am excited about that.

Pictures taken by Alex Spencer.

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