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Beards and Cars?

Written by Gus Wilson

Time for car builders to relax since SEMA finished last week and all the cars that weren’t finished can now get all the big finishing touches to make the cars function how they are supposed to. I was told for the month of November 5th that I should do an article on cars and beards since it is no shave November. No Shave November is a fundraiser for cancer patients that aren’t able to grow hair and I am participating in the fundraiser. I have already gotten started on growing a beard or at least something close to a beard which is going to be weird.

Back to the cars! Now I know what you the reader are thinking reading this; why is this article on beards and cars? Well, there are a lot of bearded car builders that may look really good like the car or look really weird like the car. An example of beards and cars is English born California native Magnus Walker who restores classic Porsches. He has restored some cars into masterpieces like this beautiful 1971 Porsche 911 nicknamed the “277” which he has owned for 19 years now and it has gone through a lot of changes involving different body panels or engine modifications. Another good beard plus car answer is Vinny Anatra who is part of the business development team at Hoonigan Media Machine. Not only is he working at the best company for all things cars and general stupidity but at his job, he will occasionally work on his modified BMW M3. His BMW has a belt-driven supercharger from V-F Engineering to give it more juice, with Yokohama tires wrapped around Fifteen52 rims, and there are is a whole list of other modifications too long to put into the article.

Magnus Walker and Vinny Anatra are just two examples out of many car guys who work on cars with beards. Now I don’t think I could compete with two “grown adults” or at least Magnus Walker is an adult, unlike Vinny Anatra who is still relatively childish. Magnus has his own company where he works on Porsches which was his childhood dream growing up in Sheffield outside of South Yorkshire, England where he didn’t see many Porsches. Vinny Anatra hails from New York and works for Hoonigan with his position changing every year in a good way. He is occasionally seen in the videos put up on the Hoonigan YouTube channel doing workarounds of loud but really fast cars and really corky creations like a 1000hp Honda Odyssey built by Bisimoto Engineering in California that can seat seven but still have fun on Mulholland drive canyon carving. Another example of a corky truck is a 1949 Ford F-100 with over 1200hp diesel engine that will just roast the rear tires and built by Chuckles Garage in Colorado.







Note: The featured image is another crazy build but the owner doesn’t have enough of a beard to make it into the article.

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