Billboard Hot 100 Review: Week of November 10, 2018

Written by Christine Gill

(20) God Is A Woman by Ariana Grande: As a big fan of “no tears left to cry” and her newest single that could even debut at #1 next week, “thank u, next”, God Is A Woman is just not very good. The entire concept of the song is that Ariana is a sort of dark, mysterious, and “Godly” woman, and this just doesn’t work for a woman who has a really high-pitched voice, looks like she could be 16, and used to be a Nickelodeon actor. Of course there’s absolutely nothing wrong with any of these things, but makes it really hard to believe that she’s such a “bad” girl, and her performance doesn’t do anything extraordinary to sell it. The lyrics are boring and at times really hard to understand, the delivery is choppy, and the song as a whole does nothing for me.

Ariana Grande picture:, esheehamphotos on flickr

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