Billboard Hot 100 Review: Week of November 3, 2018

Written by Christine Gill

(20) Eastside by benny blanco, Khalid, and Halsey: Superstar producer that you’ve probably never heard of, benny blanco, delivers his first single as a listed artist instead of just behind the scenes. Featuring two of the youngest, biggest stars of today’s pop music, Khalid and Halsey, the song sets pretty high expectations for itself, and for the most part it doesn’t disappoint. Blanco’s instrumental is clean and sharp from the beginning, and Khalid’s first verse is the best he’s sounded in a long time, with a lot of emotion and passion that has often seemed to be missing from his performances. My biggest criticism of his first album was that he’s a really unique and interesting singer who doesn’t venture out of his comfort zone at all, and as a result puts out very safe and boring songs. Eastside, while it isn’t a solo song, is still encouraging for a future of more interesting and ambitious stuff from Khalid. Halsey isn’t great, however, with a delivery that seems rushed and lacks any real punch. Her voice is really nice but sounds like it’s been doctored a fair amount, which distracts rather than adding to the song. Overall the song isn’t amazing, but it’s definitely competent and doesn’t have any huge flaws.

Khalid picture:, MTV International on Wikipedia

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