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Trump on Presidential Midterms and More

Written by Christine Gill

Written by John Dunn


President Trump announced he will be changing the term time for the presidential midterms for himself due to, “The fake news cheating me out of my office,” said Trump on Monday. Congress has made a public announcement stating that there is no chance Trump’s proposition will be passed through and made into a reality. Trump responded with a eleven-word tweet saying, “Congress has been infiltrated by cheats! Don’t listen to fake news.”

Reporters from the “Dominican Knightly News” were given exclusive access to interview Trump on his plan for the presidential midterms and his recent tweets. Trump stated that, “Of course I will win; the people love me!” continuing by saying that, “The fake news is fake, and no, I did not have a secret meeting or have a group chat with Putin.” Once asked about his comments about missing ballots he stated he, “Knows Crooked Hilary and Obama were involved and should be investigated immediately.”



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