Stan Lee

Written by Christine Gill

Yesterday, Stan Lee, died at the age 95. Stan Lee is the creator of our favorite superheroes from the Marvel Comics. He made various characters like Spider-man, Captain America, Hulk, and Iron Man. Without him, these characters never wold have existed and people throughout  the decades would have lost a huge piece of their childhoods. His imagination set a whole foundation for the entire century. Obviously the popular Marvel movies wouldn’t have existed without him. In every movie, he would do a 5 second cameo to show honor to him. He was a also a very good man, standing against racism even in his time. He created Black Panther which showed how he showed love equally to all races. When he made the group, the X-men, he based Magneto and Professor X off Malcom X and MLK. Stan Lee will never be forgotten and will be talked about for generations.



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