Billboard Hot 100 Review: Week of November 17, 2018

Written by Christine Gill

(1) thank u, next by Ariana Grande: Finally knocking off Girls Like You for the #1 spot is Ariana’s record-breaking single, “thank u, next”, reflecting on her past relationships and how they’ve affected her today. I was expecting a very passive-aggressive song with her sarcastically thanking her exes and obnoxiously saying “next!”, but I was really pleasantly surprised by the track. The title is easily the most attitude-packed part of the song, and the lyrics are simple but fairly heartfelt and genuine. The first verse gives sincere thanks and compliments to her most highly publicized previous relationships, and the rest of the song is focused on how they have allowed her to grow as a person. She doesn’t say anything really profound, but it’s Ariana at her strongest point: a gentle but direct mid-tempo instrumental that allows her vocal performance to grab and hold the listener’s attention throughout. This is an overall solid song, and while it doesn’t exactly sound like the type of song to break the daily streaming record for a female artist (three times) due to its more subdued nature, it’s a nice change of pace and an interesting addition to the top of the charts.

Ariana Grande picture:, esheehanphotos on Flickr

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