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Two Time Athlete of the Week: Bo Bennet

Written by Christine Gill

This week’s athlete of the week is a familiar face. It is none other than Bo Bennet. Bo has previously been athlete of the week during the football season, and he is the first athlete to be athlete of the week twice. The reason why he has been selected as the athlete of the week for the second time is because he will be playing varsity basketball even after taking a year off from the sport. Usually when an athlete decides not to play a sport their junior year it is very hard for them to be able to come back and perform at the varsity level. This however, is not the case for Bo Bennet. He is making a comeback to the game of basketball this year at the varsity level. This is a testament to his athletic ability and talent when it comes to basketball. His story just goes to show that he is capable of playing many different sports at the varsity level, even if he takes a year off. That is why Bo Bennet is this week’s athlete of the week.

Photo by Victory Views

Written by Isaiah Mitchell and Alex Antetokounmpo

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