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Movie Review: Murder on the Orient Express

Written by Christine Gill

The film Murder on the Orient Express was released on November 10th of 2017. Although it had been over 80 years since the book was first written, the movie raised over $350 million in theatres. The movie takes place in 1934 and revolves around a world famous detective named Hercule Poirot who is

taking a train from Paris to Istanbul. While on the train, he meets a man named Ratchett who asks for his help. Later that night, it is revealed that Ratchett had been stabbed to death in his quarters. For the rest of the film, Poirot must use his skills to detect who the murder is. The final reveal at the end of the movie is extremely well done, and I won’t spoil it for you. Besides this, the acting is very well done by all of the cast, and the thick French accent done by Kenneth Branagh is near perfect. The story line and tense plot keeps the audience invested in the film, and you are kept guessing until the very last minute of the movie. In all, the visualization of the great novel by Agatha Christie did not disappoint, and this reenactment allowed a new generation to enjoy the greatness of her novels. by Bluedreamer 2011 by Junaidrao


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