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My Sleep Schedule

Written by Christine Gill

I feel like no matter what I do to change my sleep schedule, I always feel tired. Because I take an early 7:00am class, I have to wake up at 6:00am every day to make it to class on time. I usually go to bed around 11:00pm every day so I can get the recommended seven to eight hours of sleep, but I feel so exhausted throughout the day that I feel forced to rely on caffeine supplements like black coffee and 5 Hour Energy. It has gotten to the point where I need to take caffeine supplements to stay awake to complete my homework. I thought that I was not getting enough sleep, so last night, I went to bed at 7:00pm because I felt absolutely exhausted, and the result of this experiment left me more tired than I usually feel. I find it ridiculous that no matter how much sleep I try to obtain, I get the same result of exhaustion. It could be my unconformable bed, not eating enough food throughout the day, my breathing problem, or I could be getting too much rapid eye movement (REM) sleep. I will continue to try different experiments on my sleep to obtain an answer to my problem so that I can one day sleep as peacefully as my pet dog Lily. If you have a good suggestion, leave it in the comments!


Picture taken by Alex Spencer

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