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Sephora is THE Store

Written by Paola Camarillo

Girls which store do you guys buy your make-up products from? I recommend you guys buy your make up from Sephora. This is because there is ALWAYS good customer service, and they are willing to help you look around the store for the specific product you are looking for. Also, test your foundation for your skin tone color. They are able to provide good advice in which make-up products to do and are not biased on their products. They have their own line and besides that they provide other make-up products. Their prices are reasonable and affordable. They give you free points to earn for the items you buy and eventually you build up enough to exchange them for other make-up gifts. When your birthday comes around, they give you a free gift. Most of the time they have the make-up product you are looking for. So girls, go shop at Sephora. You will not regret it!


Credits to Jacklyn Duffek,

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